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Industry news

LED industry will intensify shuffle


European markets reduced imports , LED industry increased pressure , fortunately, domestic demand growth in the LED slow breath . Yesterday , the reporter learned that the current LED industry enters a period of adjustment , the LED industry in the future development direction of the trend is still positive, industry forecasts LED market is expected to recover in the second half , but there may be aggravated by shuffling , a group of high -tech small and medium non- enterprises may accelerate out of the market .

Into the " cooling off" period

"LED does not make money ." "Big companies invest in LED suffered serious losses ." Reporter recently conducted a survey of the LED industry , found that the LED industry into the cooling-off period , a number of small and medium enterprises closed their doors or turn to other industries, large companies are still Qiang Cheng , eyes aimed at the future of LED industry trillion market share.

Recently, the deep level Chau Ming Technology ( 300232 ) , published in the first quarter report, the first quarter of 2012 , operating income 84,128,100 yuan , down 16.71% , net profit of 1,707,200 yuan , down 80.46% . Previously on its operating results in the first quarter decreased explanation is: by 2011 the European debt crisis, and domestic competition in LED application products , the company export sales and domestic sales compared to last year there is a certain decline ; 2012 Shenzhen minimum wage from 1 February onwards raised to 1,500 yuan / month, the reporting period increased labor costs , making the company's products have some impact gross margins ; in order to improve the company's competitiveness in research, development , sales and key post management personnel have increased, resulting in administrative expenses Selling expenses increased somewhat .

In fact, more than just sad day Chau Ming Technology an enterprise by the European debt crisis, the U.S. economic recovery is weak and other factors, the second half of last year , LED enterprises export orders plummeted . The 111th Canton Fair came from news that domestic LED enterprises YTD orders from Europe and America to drop three Daowu Cheng .

Now "warmer " momentum

Difficult export market , the domestic market is not large-scale open . Inevitably , the number of LED business does not survive . Beginning last year , LED industry reshuffle simmering, there is news that , as of the end of 2011 , only to collapse Shenzhen LED lighting for more than 80 enterprises , Foshan City, in 2011 there will be Jin Yicheng LED lighting business failures . Another source said that last year , Shenzhen has more than 400 LED enterprises closed down. Reporters consulted on the issue of China International Optoelectronic Exposition charge Yangxian Cheng , Yang Xiancheng that more than 400 business failures too exaggerated , more reliable than 80 corporate bankruptcies , plus some shift production enterprises in Shenzhen are about more than 100 LED enterprises no withstood the industry reshuffle .

Future LED enterprises to how ? Yangxian Cheng that, LED enterprises herd, rather then the TV business development momentum, every province has a color TV industry , but with the advantages of integration , and the rest is just leading . He believes that the future development of LED industry outlook is promising, but the LED industry is capital-intensive industries , but also need to invest a lot of money to achieve large-scale production , the future advantages of integration is inevitable , the next step will continue to show failures, mergers and other industry reshuffle phenomena .

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