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How bright LED billboards not disturbing


In recent years , LED outdoor electronic billboards , with beautiful colors , sharp images , the huge amount of information so quickly become the new darling of the advertising industry , a block LED electronic billboards have sprung up in the city downtown area erected . However , LED billboards bring in a flood of merchandise to the public information , but also brings light pollution, visual disturbances and other issues.
In Jiefang Road , Guanghua Road and other streets , the reporter saw a lot of street shops are equipped with electronic advertising screens . Under the shade of darkness , these ads look exceptionally dazzling screen . Especially when some businesses in order to grab attention by some captions such as " Today's Special ", " Come and grab " and continue to rapidly flash. Mr Wong told reporters the driver when driving this ad is very distracting .

More is the use of large shopping malls huge billboard , and some will do with a large electronic screen advertising . Reporters rough statistics, in Guanghua Road Chaoyang Street Interchange with almost every mobile phone stores have LED billboard scrolling screen below . The liberation of the road there are six large electronic advertising screens in a continuous loop playing advertisements. It is understood that these ads some 24 hours playback, also part of the future will be at 22:00 off .

    Reporters noted that the six large electronic screen , there are three buildings at the mall is mounted vertically on the wall , playing a flash like animated ads . During the day, not too flash rapidly changing attract attention. But at night , from time to time on the screen flashing dynamic hard not to distract the driver . Driver Mr Wong told reporters , each open to more careful here , for fear of being these frequent changes color to stab his eyes , what could go wrong .

    The reporter found that many buildings are equipped with large top box advertising , because they are on high, lit it away. At night, even if there is some distance away from the billboard neighborhoods can be their " shine ."

Public Wang told reporters that he lived in the East Gate , East Gate of the electronic screen glare of light will shine on his home, let a person a bad break . Wang said that his child is sensitive to light , a little light would be difficult to fall asleep , no option but to make a thick curtain .

Jilin City Central Hospital, chief physician Shiping told reporters , often talk about light pollution , including some possible human visual environment and adversely affect the health of things , including the life of the common reflection , including street light color electronic advertising . In daily life, people and more common light pollution caused by specular reflection building pedestrians and drivers as well as a sense of vertigo irrational use of lights at night cause discomfort to the human body . Shiping added: " People need to calm dark night space , light and strong advertising certainly affected people , the impact varies, some of the symptoms for insomnia, irritability therefore intensify ."

So these ads in the design , production when there is no view of these problems? In the advertising company to do the design work of Lee told reporters that they use color in the design of advertising first thing to consider when advertising their color needs , but also with the customer's requirements, and the surrounding scenery , and whether the match is not much impact on traffic safety . Mr Lee said: " Outdoor advertising is to make interesting , this is one of advertising 's own property . Formal set of outdoor advertising advertising company would certainly have to consider whether the impact on traffic safety , will not interfere with the residents , we advertise all to go through Jilin , traffic management , industry and commerce departments for approval , too outrageous advertising will not be permitted . "

    But Lee also said that some stores now design their own ad indeed more compelling consideration , ignoring traffic safety or whether they interfere with the residents . However , LED billboards already than it is now static advertisement has certain advantages , if you do not consider the impact on the surrounding environment , blindly just want to expand the publicity effect , brighten the LED screen brightness , volume up , it makes people produce near disgust . This does not achieve advertising publicity , on the contrary , people's resentment appears, will also affect the image of the business , it is not worth the candle .

    Reporters learned that, in some of our major cities , LED billboards placed the installation location , size , sound, light , and other indicators have strict rules, but in the city there is no specific provision in this regard . How can we make this new LED billboards outdoor media tools demonstrate their use things , not only beautify the city , but also to achieve for the community can accept, hold , making it now an indispensable element of urban construction , but also all sectors of society need to explore solutions .

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