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Industry news

Development of LED light technology, five starting point


LED lights is the most energy-efficient green light source, energy saving lighting naturally become the main option , with led lights gradually reduced costs and prices , and its popularity is also accelerating .

Reduce the cost of LED lights

LED light LED chip occupies a major part of the cost , thereby reducing the cost of LED is the main way to reduce the cost of the LED chip .

LED chip technology is the key to the development of the base material and the epitaxial growth techniques . Sapphire substrate material from traditional materials , silicon and silicon carbide , the development of zinc oxide, gallium nitride and other new materials . In just a few years , by means including chip structure, surface roughening and multi- quantum well structure design, including a series of technical improvements , LED luminous efficiency aspects in a significant breakthrough .

Low cost silicon substrate , technology continues to progress , but there is still not satisfied with the luminous efficiency , If you keep this growth rate , once they reach a higher level, the silicon substrate become the most important technical solutions become an inevitable choice , enterprises will get huge economic returns.

Improve the light efficiency of LED lights

Improve the light efficiency can also increase the effective light ratio from the start . Thin-film chip technology can reduce the loss of light output side , with the bottom of the reflecting surface more than 97% of the light output from the front , so that substantially all of the light energy is converted effective light beam , not only significantly improve the luminous efficiency of LED , lens design also creates a superior facilities. Thin-film chip technology is currently super bright LED chip production in the core technology.

Improve color LED lights

A high luminance white LED , a small Stokes shift occurs after blue light has a longer wavelength. This is a good thing , because it makes the LED lamp manufacturers can use many different colors of the phosphor layer , extending emission spectra , and effectively improve the LED color rendering index (CRI). Obtained using phosphor white LED high CRI is a price, because Stokes shift will result in lower efficiency white LED color LED efficiency. But for most lighting applications , preferring to use high CRI and slightly lower efficiency of the LED lights.

Improve the efficiency of the power LED lights

Whether doing limiting the power constant current control , or the control of the op amp constant current power supply , power supply problems to be resolved . Ie switching power supply chip work when we need a relatively stable DC voltage supply for the chip , the chip operating current from one to several MA MA ranging . Like FSD200, NCP1012, and HV9910, this chip is the high-pressure self- fed , it is convenient to use them , but high-pressure feed, causing IC heat up , because the IC to withstand about 300V DC , as long as just a little current, even if an MA, also has 0.3 watts of consumption of damage . General LED power supply , but ten watts, loss of a few tenths of watts it can pull down the power efficiency of a few points . The typical elephant QX9910, with a pull-down resistor to take power , so that losses in the resistance , about which they have lost a few tenths of watts it. There is a magnetic coupling , is to use transformer , the primary power coil add a winding as the secondary winding of the flyback power supply , as to avoid loss of a few tenths off this watts of power . This is why not isolated power transformer also one of the reasons is that in order to avoid loss of a few tenths of watts of power , the efficiency mention a few points .

LED lights to improve system reliability

Overall efficiency of the LED , service life and reliability of the system must be optimized in order to be improved.

Source: compact, efficient , choose the right color and output power.

Control and drive : the use of electronic circuits to achieve constant current LED driver and control.

Thermal Management : To achieve a longer life must control the LED junction temperature , thermal model calculations and the use of new materials, new technology is LED light technology hot spots.

Optical components: lens , reflector or the light guide plate is focused on the target area or dispersed in the surrounding , which according to design requirements.

With the rapid development of LED technology and LED light efficiency gradually increase , LED lamp applications will become increasingly widespread. Especially with the global problem of increasingly serious energy shortage , LED lights will replace incandescent , tungsten and fluorescent inevitable choice. In addition, the design of indoor lighting , LED will tend to be intelligent, diverse and artistic .

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