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Hybrid Color Changing LED Strip Lights

The name: stripblue
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Input voltage: AC85-265V/50-60Hz
Hole size: ф55mm
Lamp Size: ф68 * H26mm
Beam Angle: 8 ° / 15 ° / 25 ° / 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 ° / 90 ° / 120 °
Chip: Taiwan Epistar / Taiwan Mitsuhiro
  Certification: CE, RoHS certification

Product Features:
1, LED high power ceiling is fixed on the ceiling lighting.
2, light body with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and patented structure technology design and production.
3, high brightness and low light decline high-power LED as the light source with long life, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features. External power supply, easy installation and replacement.
4, suitable for home lighting, car shows, jewelry, luxury clothing, counters and other lighting places, is to replace the traditional halogen and metal halide light source ideal.
5 optional colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white.

Select LED Downlight mainly from the following three aspects to consider:

1, see the lamp used Radiator: Cooling determines the speed of the entire lamp lumen level and service life. Lamp beads for a long time under high temperature work, the light fades quickly, life is very short, but the brightness ceiling too bad, would not achieve accent lighting effects. Our radiators are used in shell thick material, to ensure heat dissipation.

2, to see the lamp drive power (commonly known as the transformer): Transformer determines the quality of the entire life of the lamp, lamp beads with more than 50,000 hours no problem, but if the transformer is broken, then the whole lamp will light can not afford it. Transformers used in electronic components, the design determines the efficiency of the transformer, power factor, stability, temperature rise, life. Our drivers are used in a wide voltage drive output current and voltage stability.

3, to understand the brand and packaging lamp beads: lamp beads quality determines LED ceiling lighting, LED packaging technology affect the quality, cooling and other key factors. LED chips are the United States chips, Taiwan chip, homemade chips. Different brands, the price difference is large, lighting effects are also great differences. Division I used light sources are all well-known international brands.

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